TOPS Open House

by Ronnie F. Wilkins
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Weight management

The Durham chapter of TOPS* (0902) held an Open House event on Wednesday, October 23, 2019 at Union Baptist Church ( 

Chapter members shared their reasons for continued commitment to sustained weight management with attendees of the event while everyone got acquainted over light refreshments.

As TOPS members, we share our #WhyiTOPS stories to encourage ourselves and to encourage others. Here’s why Mary E. Hatley TOPS:

I joined The Durham Chapter TOPS NC0902 in August 2015. TOPS has been my success in taking off 20+ pounds in addition to making healthier food choices and a healthier lifestyle. TOPS is also a great support group. The information provided is very helpful in this weight-loss journey. Taking off Pounds Sensibly, I’m glad to be a part of TOPS NC0902.

Many people are overweight; most people 20-years of age and older are. We ask #WhyDontYouTOPS as a call to action.

If you’d like to learn more about TOPS contact Angela H. at (919) 225-7934.  There are several TOPS chapters in Durham, NC. Visit TOPS’s main website at and click the ‘Find A Meeting’ link.

*TOPS – Take Off Pounds Sensibly