Garden - Fall Lineup


Members of the Ridge Community Garden met on Saturday, August 4th to kick-off the Fall growing season.

The crop line-up will consist of:

  • Mound #1: This mound is closest to the gate.  We're planting broccoli and cauliflower.
  • Mound #2: Brussel sprouts will be planted here. 
  • Mound #3. This mound is closest to the playground.  Beets and collards will be planted here. 

We have modified the Garden Maintenance Schedule.  We will eliminate the weeding chore and replace it with deep watering.  Chores for the family assigned to watering will continue unchanged.  The family assigned to the deep watering chore will use the garden hose to ensure the mounds receive a pretty good soaking.

We would like to extend an opportunity for 1 family to harvest from the Ridgefield Community Garden.  The cost of yearly membership is $20.  Contact Polly for an application. 

We have discovered there might be a small enough gap between the gate and the gate post that would allow a rabbit to squeeze into the garden enclosure.  There's a shovel position to block the rabbit's access.  In this picture, we've sketched the planting location for our Fall vegetables.  One of our junior gardeners provided the legend as well as a drawing of his own. 

Please contact Fred Swa for questions about the physical structure of the garden mounds, including how we built them, and the enclosure.  Contact Polly Fraser to apply for gardening membership or to register as a Friend Of The Garden.