Community garden


Fresh vegetables from the Ridgefield Community Garden

The Ridgefield community garden is located just off the playground in the Ridgefield subdivision of Durham NC.  Members of the community expressed interest in forming a community garden and worked with the Community Engagement division of Durham's Neighborhood Improvement Services Department to get it started.  Prior to forming the garden, the community received a Neighborhood Matching Grant from the city of Durham.

The garden is made up of members from the community with varying gardening skills and experience.  Ages range from twenty-something year-olds to seventy-somethings. The vegetables pictured here are from our second season of gardening.  Pictured in the basket, we have harvested squash, eggplant, orange bell peppers, and Mexican midget tomatos - not bad for beginners!

To build the garden mounds, we worked with J & S Organic Farm Supply.  They provided information to aid us in growing healthy foods.  We borrowed tools from Keep Durham Beautiful and relied on local man (and woman) power to erect the garden's fence.  We also relied on Briggs Avenue Community Garden for moral support and tips.  The garden would be only a thought if not for the untiring efforts of Jacob L., Terri B., and Makeba H. However, the lion's share of credit for two successful growing seasons goes to the garden member families.  (insert  infinite ! marks to punctuate this sentence)

Please contact Fred Swa for questions about the physical structure of the garden mounds, including how we built them, and the enclosure.  Contact Polly Fraser to apply for gardening membership or as a Friend Of The Garden.

Here is the application to become a member or Friend of the Garden.

More updates coming soon...