Apps For Your Health

We had spirited involvement in our November Mini-Conference and a 50% increase in participation levels over October’s event. Letha Gilstrap and Lisa Smith presented information on TOPS; Dr. Brian Lord discussed how apps can be used to create a sense of community; and residents shared their favorite smartphone apps used in pursuit of optimal health. Highlights of the mini-conference are listed below.

The following prizes were given away by raffle:
• One $5 Walmart gift card
• Two Fitbit Flex 2 wearables
• Three TOPS Club 1-year subscriptions

TOPS Club, Inc.
Residents showed an enthusiastic interested in TOPS. Linda’s presentation captured everyone’s attention. The throwback photo taken of her when she was a heavier person was a testament to the effectiveness of TOPS Clubs, Inc. We watched a short video success story from Bob L. on the TOPS website. Bobs lost over 140. Learn more about his journey here.

Technological advancements in software are exciting, but apps also make it easier to disconnect ourselves from the communities in which we live. Dr. Lord recalled how neighborhoods used to welcome new residents to the community. We sometimes lose the personal level of connection to one another. However, apps like Fitbit and SuperTracker have features that allow communities to be formed. These apps can foster a sense of community when used in conjunction with neighborhood walking clubs and other events which bring people together. The Health eCommunity will explore use of these apps over the next several weeks.

Apps frequently used by residents include:
• Fitbit
• Fitbod
• Pace
• Samsung health
• SuperTracker

Our next mini conference will be held on Saturday, December 16th. Details will be published soon.